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Connect a Display to a Trizeps


Typical connection of a Display


This is the signal-mapping, when using 16Bpp displays. 18Bpp is not supported in the current Windows CE drivers for Trizeps IV(M) and Trizeps V, because of it many disadavantages compared to the win of 2 extra display-lines. If needed LDD16 and LDD17 are mounting options on pins 150 and 152 of the Trizeps-module (Trizeps IV(M),Trizeps V). Trizeps VI can support 16, 18 and 24Bpp. Note that LDD18..23 are used by the Trizeps VI onboard uSD slot and can only be used if no uSD card is inserted.
If more display-lines for each color are availlable for a display, connect the unused LSB-bits to ground. Usually displays also have additional control-lines for backlight and power. See bitmapboot on how to configure those options; i.e. backlight-PWM or power-enable GPIO's. Some smart-displays might also require special init-sequences using SPI or I2C. Contact Keith & Koep for more information on how to handle those.

Signal-Name SODIMM-Pin 16Bpp 18Bpp (see above note) 24Bpp (Trizeps VI and Trizeps VII only)
LDD0 76 blue[0] LSB blue[0] LSB blue[0] LSB
LDD1 70 blue[1] blue[1] blue[1]
LDD2 60 blue[2] blue[2] blue[2]
LDD3 58 blue[3] blue[3] blue[3]
LDD4 78 blue[4] MSB blue[4] blue[4]
LDD5 72 green[0] LSB blue[5] MSB blue[5]
LDD6 80 green[1] green[0] LSB blue[6]
LDD7 46 green[2] green[1] blue[7]
LDD8 62 green[3] green[2] green[0] LSB
LDD9 48 green[4] green[3] green[1]
LDD10 74 green[5] MSB green[4] green[2]
LDD11 50 red[0] LSB green[5] MSB green[3]
LDD12 52 red[1] red[0] LSB green[4]
LDD13 54 red[2] red[1] green[5]
LDD14 66 red[3] red[2] green[6]
LDD15 64 red[4] MSB red[3] green[7] MSB
LDD16 150 - red[4] red[0] LSB
LDD17 152 - red[5] MSB red[1]
LDD18 176 - - red[2]
LDD19 174 - - red[3]
LDD20 172 - - red[4]
LDD21 170 - - red[5]
LDD22 180 - - red[6]
LDD23 178 - - red[7] MSB
L_DEN 44 Data Enable for active-displays, Bias for passive displays.
L_PCLK 56 Pixel Clock
L_HSYNC 68 Horizontal Sync
L_VSYNC 82 Vertical Sync
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