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Connect to Ethernet

Many Trizeps modules contain an Ethernet Controller including the physical interface driver.
All you need is to add an ethernet-connector including needed isolation transformer.

Keith & Koep's mainboards are equipped with various RJ45-Connectors.
Refer to specific datasheets for further information.

Trizeps IV to VIII are equipped with an On-Board-PHY.
Myon provides no Ethernet Signals, so you have to use an USB-to-Eth converter.
Myon II comes with an RGMII interface. An external Phy needs to be placed on the Baseboard .

Please follow the general routing guidelines for differential Ethernet-Signals and
specific Application-Notes concerning your individual configuration.

NOTE: When using an AR8031 (e.g. Trizeps VIII) the center tab must not be connected any voltages
and there is no need for termination resistors.

Keep 50Ohms termination resistors, if they are required, as close as possible to PHY.


Connecting 100MBit lines to RJ45 w int magnetics

Connecting 1GBit lines to RJ45 w int magnetics

Connecting 100MBit lines with to RJ45 w/o int magnetics incl PoE

Connecting 1GBit lines to RJ45 w/o int magnetics incl PoE

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