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JTAG Support for Trizeps Modules

The processor is powered by +3.3V. Never try to source inputs when power is switched of ! Never apply signal levels higher than +3.3V !
Note that the Trizeps warranty will be lost if another cable than the original Keith & Koep JTAG cable is used !

A JTAG-cable with a similar schematic as here can be ordered:

In case that you switch off power during a bootloader update, you can recover the bootloader with a JTAG Cable which can be delivered on request. The JTAG cable uses a parallel port and the software runs with Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Note that you need to install a special driver to gain direct parallelport acces (giveio.sys).

The software can be downloaded here. For more instructions please study the included *.html document.

JFlash Support for Trizeps

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