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The iT6 is a small SODIMM200-Trizeps baseboard which features:

  • HDMI connector.
  • 2 USB-Host-ports or optional 1 USB-Host and 1 USB-OTG port.
  • Ethernet connector.
  • Stereo Line-Out and Mirophone-Input to connect to headsets or ext. speakers.
  • 1 SD/SDIO/MMC-card connector.
  • 1 Erni 26pin extension-connector with UART, I2C, analog-inputs and digital I/O.
  • 2 PCB-Antennas for WLAN and/or Bluetooth.
  • +5V power-supply through USB-OTG-connector or 12/24V supply through power-jack.

This makes the iT6 well suited as Thin-Client or small automation control unit.

Operating System for iT6

Because the iT6 may be equipped with different Modules, use the following links in the Modules-chapter to get OS-Images and the Board-Support-Package.


This baseboard may be equipped with one of the following modules:

Technical Documents

  • Datasheet:
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