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Keith & Koep developed the iMod standard to ease the extension of baseboard functionality.
Reusing the same extension connectors on multiple Keith&Koep baseboards will allow customers to select between a variety of extension boards.
Customers may select to build their own extension, which can be reused with our baseboards.

iMod Interface 10pin FCC

The iMod interface connector uses a 10pin 0.5mm pitch flat-cable-connector.
One idea is to reuse the same connector for different interfaces.
The basic pinning is such (seen from the view of the baseboard):

Pin Function
1 +5V or Input
2 differential IO or Input
3 differential IO or Input
5 +3V3
6 Output
7 Input
8 Output
9 Input
10 Output

iMod Display 40pin FCC

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