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Trizeps Standard

At the end of 2003, Keith & Koep GmbH created the world's first SODIMM200 based ARM module Trizeps III.
The PXA255 based Trizeps III was the first module, with integrated Ethernet and USB/Host to a small module.
It opened the industrial market for a new technology.

The older SODIMM 144 Standard is still living and even here all modules fit into the very first board build for Trizeps-I (StrongARM).

Today the SODIMM 200 form factor is used by nearly all companies building ARM based CPU modules.
Keith & Koep is still using SODIMM pinnings, which are compatible to the first module built in 2003.

Here you can find a table of pins documenting the compatibility of Keith & Koep's current module spectrum.

Excel Sheet containing pinning of current Trizeps modules and baseboards:
Old Excel-Sheet also containing Trizeps IV(M) and Trizeps V: SODIMM200 Standard (v9)

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