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Trizeps IV

For module hardware details have a look at: Trizeps IV(M).

OS-Images for Windows CE 5, Windows Embedded CE6 or Windows Embedded Compact 7 can be built using the BSP for Trizeps IV.
Linux support is availlable. Please do not hesitate to contact Keith & Koep to ask for other supported Operating Systems.

Deploy Helper SDCARD

Copy OS-Image to SDCARD root folder and add OS-Image file renamed as nk.nb0. Insert Card and cycle power. Wait (ca. 6min).

Boot Picture

Templates for Bitmapboot.bat (*.dis) and bootable Bootlogos (*.tft).

Due to regular updates from displaymanufacturers we adapt the display settings. Even when changes are not needed, new timings are posted to achieve maximum quality.

For OSD resistive touch display OSD070T1185-45TS:
Template Download: ipan7osd_mk4.dis
Bootable Logo: ipanosd.tft
Update Start (temp): update.tft
Update End (temp): done.tft

For OSD resistive touch display OSD070TN84 (recent shipments):
Template Download: ipan7osd_mk3.dis
Bootable Logo: ipanosd.tft
Update Start (temp): update.tft
Update End (temp): done.tft

For Innolux resistive touch display (now obsolete):
Template Download: tr4-ipan.dis
Bootable Logo: tr4-ipan.tft

Windows Embedded CE6 R3 Images

Image Professional, IPAN_V2

  • Professional without Silverlight, FlashLite
  • No Camera Support
  • Please Select Capacitive or Resistive Touch Version !!!

Note: Please select Bootbitmap for the EDT Display (if using the capacitive version)


RS485 Driver IST Thread_at_open (as IST spins when no appropiate rx level during init)

Download ResTouch: nk.nb0_2014_03_10_restouch.nb0
Image-ID: ipan7_tr4ce6pres_all_20140310

Download CapTouch: nk.nb0_2014_03_10_captouch.nb0
Image-ID: ipan7_tr4ce6pcap_all_20140310


Updated with WM9715L Support
:nok: RS485 Mode non functional
Download Cap.Touch: nk.nb0_2013_05_17_captouch.nb0
Image-ID: ipan7_tr4ce6pcap_all_20130517
Download Res.Touch: nk.nb0_2013_05_17_restouch.nb0
Image-ID: ipan7_tr4ce6pres_all_20130517

04.06.2012 Obsolete: use only with older Trizeps having UCB1400
Download: nk.nb0_2012_06_04_captouch.nb0
Download: nk.nb0_2012_04_04_captouch.nb0

Download ipan7:nk_2012_04_18_restouch.nb0

Image 20.05.2011 Professional (medium)

  • Professional without Silverlight, FlashLite

Download ipan7_tr4ce6r3_2011_05_20.nb0

Image Core-License (very-small)

  • small Footprint for more memory for applications and faster boot
  • compact fw 3.5, sqlcompact
  • Updated with Wolfson Codec Support

Download res.Touch:
Download cap.Touch:
Download cap.Touch (prototype):

  • refreshed with updated USB Host/Fn drivers

Download res.Touch: ipan7_coremin_t4ce6r3_2012_09_18.nb0
Download cap.Touch: ipan7_coremin_t4ce6r3_2012_09_19ft.nb0
Download cap.Touch (prototype): ipan7_coremin_t4ce6r3_2012_09_19ftprot.nb0

  • Compiled with Captouch

Download: ipan7_coremin_t4ce6r3_2012_07_19.nb0

  • Compiled for V1.1 Focaltech Captouch Prototypes

Download: ipan7_coremin_t4ce6r3_2012_07_19_proto1.1.nb0

  • Compiled with Resistive Touch

Config.h Download:ipan7_coremin_t4ce6r3_2012_01_12_ceconfig.h

Download: ipan7_coremin_t4ce6r3_2012_01_12.nb0


Image 16.12.2010 Professional (small)

  • Professional without Silverlight, Compact Framework, SQL
  • Show green LED when Idle, red LED if busy
  • config.h Download: proflite_ceconfig.h
  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Display\Default\DDrawEnable=dword:0 disable DDraw
  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Display\Default\DDRawAllocPhysmem=dword:0 disable Allocation of Physical FB in DDRAW
  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Display\Default\ClockDithering=dword:xx New Clockdithering feature. Adds 0,1,2, . . xx, 0 . . to PCD after each VSYNC

Download: ipan7_proflite_ce6r3_2010_12_16.nb0

Image 29.10.2010 Professional (large)

  • Professional with Silverlight, Compact Framework, SQL
  • Show green LED when Idle, red LED if busy
  • config.h Download: prof_ceconfig.h

Download: ipan7_prof_ce6r3_2010_10_29.nb0

(recent) Image 19.04.2010 Professional (large)

  • Regular Image

Download: ipan7.nb0

(recent) Image 16.04.2010 Professional (large, verbose)

  • Verbose Image (not recommended for production)

Download: :nok: ipan7_tr4_ce6r3_flashp.nb0

Windows Embedded CE6 R2 Images

Image 24.09.2009

  • Add RS232/RS485 Shortcuts, supported by SetSystemPowerState.exe
  • Same with Modem Init

Download: ipan7_tr4ce6_2009_09_24.nb0

Image 04.09.2009

  • Add Camera Support

Download: ipan7_tr4ce6_2009_09_04.nb0

Image 28.08.2009

  • Add HC25 Support

Download: ipan7_tr4ce6_2009_08_28.nb0

Image 10.08.2009

  • Camera
  • SJA1000
  • HopeRF (experimental)

Download: ipan7_tr4ce6_2009_08_10.nb0

Image 27.04.2009

  • Preliminary Windows Embedded CE6 image for the i-PAN7.

Download: ipan7_tr4ce6_2009_04_27b.nb0

Windows CE 5.0 Images

Image 25.09.2013

  • based on Image from 17.5.2013
  • flashupdate.exe updated due to problems with recent 128BF Flash units

Image ID: ipan7_tr4ce5p_all_20130925

Image 17.05.2013

  • Update for Trizeps-IVM with WolfsonCodec (backwards compatible)

Download: ipan7_tr4ce5_2013_05_17.nb0
Image-ID: ipan7_tr4ce5p_all_20130517

Select RS485/RS232 Mode on COM2:

Set RS485MODE:
SetSystemPowerstate.exe /RS485MODE 1

Set RS232MODE:
SetSystemPowerstate.exe /RS485MODE 0

Image 28.08.2012

  • Update for use with Trizeps-IVM

Download: ipan7_tr4ce5_2012_08_28.nb0

Image 02.09.2009 (do not use with Trizeps IV-M)

  • New Camera Driver with direct Preview (50 FPs)
  • HC25 Driver

Download: ipan7_tr4ce5_2009_09_02b.nb0

Image 19.12.2008

Image 11.12.2008

  • SJA1000 CAN-BUS
  • Fingerprint sensor

Download: nk.nb0_2008_12_11.nb0

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