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Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, Trizeps VIII Mini

H&D-Wireless Wi-Fi Module

The Trizeps VIII Mini is available with H&D Wireless SPB228 Wi-Fi Module.
It includes a powerful Marvell 88W997 chipset capable of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2×2 Wave2 MU-MIMO, Bluetooth 5 Classic and LE.

Please also view the documentation from H&D Wireless regarding implementing the driver into the OS.

i.e. for Yocto

H&D Wireless supplies a Yocto-recipe.

  1. Unpack meta-spb228-pcie-uart-32.tar.gz to your <project-dir>/<build-dir>/sources/-directory.
  2. Add
    BBLAYERS +=  " ${BSPDIR}/meta-spb228-pcie-uart-32 "

    to your <project-dir>/<build-dir>/conf/bblayers.conf

  3. Run bitbake

Power-Up Interface

$ ifconfig mlan0 up

Scan and Connect to Wi-Fi Network

Simple Scan

$ iw mlan0 scan

Connect manually using wpa_cli

Start wpa_supplicant:

$ wpa_supplicant -Dnl80211 -imlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf &

Run wpa_cli:

$ wpa_cli
wpa_cli v2.6
Copyright (c) 2004-2016, Jouni Malinen <> and contributors

This software may be distributed under the terms of the BSD license.
See README for more details.

Selected interface 'mlan0'

Interactive mode

Use scan command to list availlable networks:

> scan_results
> bssid / frequency / signal level / flags / ssid
a8:9d:21:9d:fe:ec       5300    -78     [WPA-PSK-CCMP+TKIP][WPA2-PSK-CCMP][ESS] WLAN-EXAMPLE-5G
a8:9d:21:9d:fe:e4       2412    -90     [WPA-PSK-CCMP+TKIP][WPA2-PSK-CCMP][ESS] WLAN-EXAMPLE-2.4G

To connect to one of them, you will first need to create a network:

> add_network

The output ('1') is the network ID used in the next commands:

> set_network 1 ssid "WLAN_EXAMPLE-5G"
> set_network 1 psk "YourWLANPassword"

The 'list_networks' commands shows which networks have been set up ( i.e. WLAN_EXAMPLE-5G).
With 'select_network <network ID>' you select the network to which wpa_cli should connect:

> select_network 1

Will trigger connection to the previously set up network WLAN_EXAMPLE-5G.

The mlan0 interface need to be assigned an IP-address, to have it fuctional. Either through DHCP or manually.


Enable & Disable WLAN function of the Device

GPIO3_17 ( GPIO81; see Using a GPIO in Linux) can be used to enable and disable the WLAN function.
Set GPIO high to enable; set GPIO low to disable WLAN function.

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