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Keith & Koep offers Android Support for Trizeps-VII and Myon based Products.

Android for Trizeps-VII

Android 4.2.2

The Android 4.2.2 Support is based on the 3.0.35 Kernel (not device tree based). Each Board/Display Combination has an own OS-Image booted with the same U-Boot loader.

Android 4.2.2 Page: Android 4.2.2, Trizeps VII

Android 6

  • Kernel The Android 6 Support is based on the 4.1.15 Kernel (device tree based)
  • U-Boot 2016 is used. U-Boot is able to load the device tree from the root Directory of MISC (partion 8, vfat)): oftree.dtb (solo/duallite) or oftree-mx6q.dtb (dual/quad).
  • The MISC Partition contains device trees for multiple board/display combinations. You can just copy the right oftree.dtb and oftree-mx6q.dtb pair to the MISC-root Folder.
  • If the MISC-root Directory contains an init.oem.rc script, it will be executed at boot-time.

Android 6 Page: Android 6, Trizeps VII

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