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Debian 16.04

  • Git Archive Debian 16.04 → ssh://
  • Git Archive FSL Old Official Kernel Archive → ssh://
  • Git Archive FSL New Official Kernel Archive → ssh://
  • Git Archive Community Kernel → ssh://
  • Git Archive u-boot → ssh://

OS-Image pConXS Display EDT 7 Inch

Actual Image with LXDE Desktop
Download: pconxs-edt7-debian-2018-03-03.imz

Recent Example with with LXDE Desktop and Wordpress Webservice
Download: pconxs-edt7-debian-wordpress-2017-08-21.imz

Copy pconxs-edt7-debian-wordpress-2017-08-21.imz to SD-Card with the
„restore“ function of

Cross Compiler

Download: cross-c.tgz

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