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DEBIAN 10 (buster)


Tested with 8GB OnBoard EMMC or for the onboard SDCard

  • connect Micro USB to PC USB
  • Enter U-Boot Bootloader Trizeps8Mini command Prompt
  • Enter : ums 0 0 <CR>
  • On PC, close any Explorer Windows popping up, start
  • Select new Linux UMS disk Storage Device
  • Use „Restore“ to deploy image
  • For the variable Images: When the PC shows the content of the fat partition, you can drop the devicetree of your choice (DTB Folder) to the root folder. So you can use the variable image also for other boards.
  • When Ready, Reset System

Login with user imx6 passwd imx6. Root passwd is also imx6


The Storage has 3 Partitions The first Partition contains: the kernel, device-tree, two boot-scripts and the Debian-Installer initramfs

The Bootloader Environment is stored to boot a bootscript from the fat partition. The script is stored to the environment $script variable and can be saved with the saveenv command. As default the variable is set to boot.scr.

The delivered partition contains a boot.scr.install (Debian Network Installer) and a boot-debian.scr script. The debian installer can be activated by: copying the boot-debian.scr to boot.scr or by setting the script environment variable in uboot. boot.scr can also be a copy of boot-debian.scr to boot normally into the preinstalled Debian rootfs.


 mmc env_erase <CR>

the Bootloader falls back to boot boot.scr. The boot.scr can be a copy of boot.scr.install which loads the Debian-Installer or of boot.debian.scr.

Feel free to use the pre-installed Image or re-install another config with the debian-network-installer.

Example so save the script variable:

setenv script boot-debian.scr <CR> 
saveenv <CR>
reset <CR>

Docker on Trizeps 8 Mini

Electron Apps on Trizeps 8 Mini

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