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Yocto Sumo

Yocto Images

Date Description Download
26.05.2021 Yocto Sumo with 4.14.98 kernel and chromium browser tr8mini-pconxs-yocto-sumo-chromium-20210526.imz
26.05.2021 Yocto Sumo with 4.14.98 kernel and chromium browser Update 12.8 Bootloader Devtree tr8mini-pconxs-iii-wvga-yocto-sumo-chromium-20210812.imz
26.05.2021 Yocto Sumo with 4.14.98 kernel and chromium browser Update 12.8 Bootloader Devtree tr8mini-ipant7v1-yocto-sumo-chromium-20210812.imz
12.08.2019 Yocto Sumo with 4.14.98 kernel
08.05.2019 Yocto Sumo with 4.14.78 kernel

Yocto Project Setup

This is only a quick-reference on how to setup and build a Yocto image.
For details please view the Linux and NXP i.MX8M documentation. Especially the „i.MX_Yocto_Project_User's_Guide“.

Branch Manifest-File Remarks
imx-linux-sumo imx-4.14.78-1.0.0_ga.xml NXP Release
kuk_imx-linux-sumo kuk_imx-4.14.98-2.0.0_ga.xml Old 4.14.98 Branch of U-Boot/Kernel etc.
kuk_imx-linux-sumo kuk_imx-4.14.98-2.0.0_ga_20190902.xml Status 02.09.2019 (verified)
kuk_imx-linux-sumo kuk_imx-p9.0.0_2.3.4.xml Current branch for 4.14.98 Kernel
$ mkdir <project-dir>
$ cd <project-dir>
$ repo init -u -b <Branch> -m <Manifest-File>
$ repo sync


$ mkdir imx-yocto-bsp
$ cd imx-yocto-bsp
$ repo init -u -b kuk_imx-linux-sumo -m kuk_imx-p9.0.0_2.3.4.xml
$ repo sync

When this process is completed, the source code is checked out into the directory imx-yocto-bsp/sources.
You can perform repo synchronization, with the command repo sync, periodically to update to the latest code.

Distribution Remarks
fsl-imx-x11 X11 graphics are not supported on i.MX 8
fsl-imx-wayland Wayland weston graphics
fsl-imx-xwayland Wayland graphics and X11. X11 applications using EGL are not supported
fsl-imx-fb Frame Buffer graphics - no X11 or Wayland. Frame Buffer is not supported on i.MX 8
Machine Remarks
imx8mq_trizeps8 Trizeps VIII
imx8mm_trizeps8mini Trizeps VIII Mini
imx8mm_myon2 Myon II
imx8mm_kuk Myon II and Trizeps VIII Mini
$ DISTRO=<Distribution> MACHINE=<Machine> source -b <build-dir>


$ DISTRO=fsl-imx-wayland MACHINE=imx8mm_trizeps8mini source -b build-wayland

Image Build

After the setup of the build-environment, you can start to run bitbake to build the image.

$ bitbake <project-image>
Project-Image Target Provided by layer
core-image-minimal A small image that only allows a device to boot. Poky
core-image-base A console-only image that fully supports the target device hardware Poky
core-image-sato An image with Sato, a mobile environment and visual style for mobile devices. Poky
fsl-image-machine-test An FSL Community i.MX core image with console environment - no GUI interface meta-freescale-distro
fsl-image-validation-imx Builds an i.MX Image with a GUI without any Qt content. meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-sdk
fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx Builds an opensource Qt 5 image. meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-sdk

After reboot or opening a new terminal window, you can restart the build environment with:

$ source setup-environment <build-dir>


$ source setup-environment ./build-wayland
$ bitbake fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx

After a build is complete, the image can be found at <build-dir>/tmp/deploy/images.
The image_name will be <Project-Image>-<Machine>.sdcard.bz2; i.e. fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx-imx8mm_trizeps8mini.sdcard.bz2.
The bootloader will be imx-boot-<Machine>-sd.bin-flash_<Module>; i.e. imx-boot-imx8mm_trizeps8mini-sd.bin-flash_trizeps8mini.

Deploy Image

How to deploy the image depends on wether you have a module with eMMC oder uSD-card-slot.
For a module with eMMC you will use the NXP Universal Update Utility (UUU) to update the files while the module is in USB Serial Download Mode.
For a module with uSD-Slot you can either use NXP Universal Update Utility (UUU) or deploy the image directly to the uSD-card using an uSD-card-reader with your PC.

Flash Image to SD card

Identify the uSD-card plugged to your PC; i.e. by using „lsblk | grep disk“

$ bunzip2 -dk -f <image_name>.sdcard.bz2
$ sudo dd if=<image_name>.sdcard of=/dev/sd<disk> bs=1M conv=fsync

Flash Image to eMMC

Put the module into USB Serial Download Mode and run:

$ sudo ./uuu -b emmc_all <bootloader> <image_name>.sdcard

Select Device-Tree

After flashing the image you will need to select the correct device-tree for your device.

This can be done in two ways:
1. Through the bootloader-console (115k2, 8N1):

u-boot=> env set fdt_file kuk-trizeps8mini-pconxs-edt7.dtb
u-boot=> env save

You can get a list of installed *.dtb files by calling „fatls mmc 0“.

2. Rename the wished device-tree file (.dtb) to the default fdt_file setting:

Module Default fdt_file setting
Trizeps VIII kuk-trizeps8.dtb
Trizeps VIII Mini kuk-trizeps8mini.dtb
Myon II kuk-trizeps8mini.dtb

(Myon II and Trizeps VIII Mini use the same bootloader )

Using a Deployment-Package

Yocto-Images uploaded to the wiki can be supplied in different formats.
The current format is a zip-file which contains the images and scripts.

You may use

$ sudo ./uuu <>

This will use the script-file to deploy the image through USB.

You may also unzip the file and run the deploy script-file.
It will show usage information if run without parameters and can either flash the image through USB or uSD-card.

Previous deployment-packages typical included:

readme.txt Explains how to install the package.
uuu NXP Universal Update Utility (UUU)  A script run by uuu
 xxx.sdcard  SDCard-image
 flash.bin  U-Boot bootloader
boot Folder containing extra files; i.e. DeviceTree or updated kernel.
root Folder containing extra files to patch to the root-file-system.

View readme.txt. It should instruct to do something like:

  • Connect Serial Port 1 (115k2, 8N1) and USB-OTG with PC and enter Serial-Download-Mode
  • Run
     $ sudo ./uuu
  • Use 'ctrl-c' to enter bootloader-console and run
    u-boot=> ums 0 mmc 0
  • Copy contents of '.\boot' to Boot-FAT-partition of module; i.e.:
    $ cp -r ./boot/* "/media/imx6/Boot imx8mq"/
  • Copy contents of '.\root' to Ext4-partition of module; i.e.:
    $ cp -r ./root/* "/media/imx6/2695102b-264f-4b1f-b58b-6bdd5a04db3a"/
  • Unmount store and use 'ctrl-c' to re-enter bootloader-console.
  • Select device-tree to use; i.e.:
    u-boot=> env set fdt_file kuk-trizeps8-pconxs-edt7.dtb
    u-boot=> env save
  • Restart system.

Notes on Build

Yocto Configuration Space needed after 'repo sync' Space needed after 'bitbake' Build-Time
imx-4.14.98-2.0.0_ga fsl-image-qt5-validation-imx 462 MByte 136 GByte 2h20min (30 cores i9 in VM)
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