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Using the Trizeps-Deployment-Board

The Trizeps-Deployment-Board is a board to flash multiple Trizeps-modules in parallel.
Status of operation is indicated by LEDs. These LEDs are controlled by a special bootloader-command called .storeburn.
See Bootloader Command Reference. <columns> Power
NEWCOL Indicates power is supplied to the socket.
.storeburn-command is executing.
.storeburn has finished with errors. ( i.e. verify-error)
.storeburn finished successfully.

Creating a SD-Card for the Deployment-Board

On default, all Trizeps-modules are configured to search for and execute an autoboot.bat on startup. So you will need following files on SD-card:

  • autoboot.bat
  • image.dat or nk.nb0


Example 1: (recommended)
.storeburn mmc image.dat
monitor com1
In this example image.dat updates the whole flash and than opens the command interpreter at COM1. Opening the interpreter stops the bootloader from doing further things, like booting the image.

Example 2:
fuseburn 4
boot mmc picture.tft
.storeburn mmc nk.nb0
monitor com1
This example

  1. burns the fuse to disable pcmcia-boot.
  2. erases the persistant-registry.
  3. stores the boot-picture.
  4. updates the CE-image.
  5. stop.

.storeburn will only evaluate if the CE-image has been updated successfully.


  1. Configure one Trizeps to contain the correct image, bootloader and all registry-settings, flashdisk-contents etc.
  2. Delete default.mky and system.mky in the flashdisk-folder.
  3. Take a copy of the whole flash contents using the flashupdate-tool ( Option /DA).


  1. Fit SD-cards.
  2. Fit Trizeps-modules.
  3. Apply power to all sockets. ( Should be done at nearly the same time, because delayed switching of one socket, could break the update-process of the others.
  4. Work LED is shown.
  5. If Good-LED lights, this socket is finished.
  6. If Fault-LED lights, there must have been an error. i.e. the bootloader could not read the SD-card or an error occured during verify of the flash-content.
  7. Power off all sockets and remove Trizeps-module.

Extra Notes for Trizeps VI

The Trizeps VI is not capable of using bootloader-commands to burn image-dumps.
Because of that, a minimal WinCE image is used to run flashupdate.exe with the /L parameter.

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