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How To Update the OS Image

This article refers to Trizeps I to VI.

The operating system is usually burned into the internal NOR flash. The files must contain a bootheader to be automatically relocated into the internal predefined partitions. If you are using the Keith & Koep BSPs you do not have to care for generating those headers.

Having a given OS Image file here nk.nb0 you can update the flash with this file with different scenarios:

Bootloader "manual" version

  • after entering bootloader command prompt, type in those commands:
  • :) ereg<CR>
  • :) boot mmc filename<CR>
  • :) fb<CR>

Bootloader "automatic" version

  • prepare an autoboot.bat file with commands below:
  • ereg<CR>
  • boot mmc filename<CR>
  • fb<CR>

Using WIndows CE: KuK OS-Update using FTP

  • use OS-Update tool inside START→Programs→KuK
  • Select Image from KuK ftp-server and start update
  • Do not power off. The system will reboot when finished

Using Windows CE: KuK Shell-extension *.os

  • rename file to filname.os
  • double click on this file and wait until finished.
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