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Boot Picture

The Trizeps-Module bootloaders have three different ways of showing a picture during boot.

Trizeps II - V

Trizeps II-270, Trizeps III, Trizeps IV(M) and Trizeps V use a 256-color bitmap, which is patched with a boot-header containing display-timings.

Trizeps VI

Trizeps VI uses a 256-color bitmap and a boot-script. The boot-script sets the display-timings and configures the display-controller through boot-commands. The newest bootloaders of Trizeps VI now also support boot.png files.

Trizeps VII

Trizeps VII and newer modules use a boot.png. The boot.png contains the display-timings inside tEXt-fields of the PNG. This png may be animated. The main advantage is, that the parameters are designed to be module independant.

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