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Building a Windows Embedded CE7 Image for Trizeps7 with the Keith & Koep Device Catalog

This application note will guide you through the steps needed, to create an own Windows Embedded CE 7 image.

Creating a new Project

  • Start Visual Studio 2008 and select File –> New Project..

  • PlatformBuilder→Osdesign
  • BoardSupportPackages→ Trizeps7:ARMv7
  • DesignTemplate → Keith & Koep GmbH Evalkit Device → Choose a template

Modify a Project

  • Catalog Items View → Third Party → BSP → Trizeps7: ARMV7 → Choose device drivers

  • Solution→Trizeps7 ARMV7 Release

  • Project→Properties

  • Build→Build Solution
  • Build→Open Release Directory in Build Window
  • cd makeSD
  • Copy the built image on SD-Card with the batches BurnSDonS.bat or FormatSDonS.bat (first deploy). Mount the SD-Card as drive S: in your system before.

  • Now you have a prepared SD-Card for your Trizeps7 device.
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