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Working with Kernel Tracker

Celog Tools (installable)

The powerful Celog Engine can be activated after boot even without any ActiveSync Connection.
The Logging Engine can be loaded even after kernel start.
A Snapshot-File (*.clg) can be taken by a Named Event or by calling „OSCapture.exe -c“.
The attached Archive Comes with wrappers showing how to use the Interface. The result can
be imported (and improved by readlog) to the ce6 and compact 7 kerneltrackers.
Note: The Compact 7 Kerneltracker has some better Options showing only active threads. Even Logs taken with Ce6R3 can be viewed with the Compact 7 Kerneltracker.

How to proceed:

  1. Copy Folder „CeLog“ to „SDMMC Card“
  2. To Init Logging Engine start _StartLogging.bat
  3. Take a Snapshot by starting _TakeSnapShot.bat or click on START→KuK-Tools→OsCaptureFlush.lnk
  4. To Save Snapshot start START→KuK-Tools→SaveSnapShotFile.bat
  5. Having a Snapshot File on SDMMC Card. Convert by ConvertLog.bat on a PC (SDCard on PC is assumed to be S:\)
  6. The resulting clg can be imported to the Kerneltracker.

:!: With Compact 7 the tools are similar to use.


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