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KuKInit Startup-Program

KuKInit is a startup-program included in all Keith & Koep Board Support Packages (Microsoft). Functions and Keys might differ between OS- and Trizeps-versions.

Show and Hide Cursor

  "HideCursor"=dword:0   :Do not hide cursor.
                     1   :Hide cursor.
                     2   :Check for USB-mouse and show/hide cursor depending on that. 

Launch Custom Applications

  "LaunchCustom"         ="application to launch"
  "LaunchCmdLine"        ="cmd-line to parse to application"
  "LaunchDelay"          =dword:n    :time in ms to wait, before application is launched.
  "LaunchExplorerInstead"=dword:0    :Do not launch explorer.exe if application is missing.
                                1    :Launch explorer.exe if application is missing.  

The Launch-keys allow KuKInit to launch a custom application. If you don't want the explorer ( this is the WinCE-desktop) to show up on start, remove it from:


If LaunchExplorerInstead-key is set to 1, the WinCE-desktop will run, if LaunchCustom-application is not found.

Software Input Panel

  "SipOn"=dword:0     :Hide Software-Input-Panel at start.
                1     :Show Software-Input-Panel at start.

Processor ID

It sometimes is usefull to change the processor-ID, if applications or drivers complain during install.

  "FakeStrongArm"=dword:0    :Use correct processor ID.
                        1    :Show StrongArm processor ID to applications.

The true processor-type and processor-instruction-set is stored in:


Auto-Starts and Auto-Update

KuKinit attempts to automatically run application from connected storage-media. This can be your custom application or it can be an update-program. To control autostart use these registry-keys:

  "BreakKeys"="virtual key-code"  :Virtual key, which would inhibit automatic start.
  "NoAutoStart"=dword:0           :Allow automatic start of updates and applications.
                      1           :Don't autostart applications or updates.

The following load-order is used. Only the first found is run.

  1. \SDMMC Card\update.bat
  2. \SDMMC Card\update.exe
  3. \Storage Card\update.bat
  4. \Storage Card\update.exe
  5. \Hard Disk\update.bat
  6. \Hard Disk\update.exe
  7. \Flashdisk\autoexec.bat
  8. \Flashdisk\auto.exe
  9. \Flashdisk\auto.vb

KuKInit special USB-settings


  "ShowUsbFnMsc"=dword:0          :Don't show USB-Icon in taskbar (default).
                       1          :Show icon in taskbar, if usb-slave is configured as mass-storage-device.
  "ActSyncAutoSer"=dword:0        :Don't connect to ActiveSync, if USB-cable is attached.
                         1        :Automatically run ActiveSync, if USB-cable is attached.


  "ReEnumeratePorts"=dword:0      :Don't Reenumerate USB-Ports (default).
                           1      :Re-Enumerate port 1.
                           2      :Re-Enumerate port 2.
                           3      :Re-Enumerate both ports.

Touch Calibration

On default KuKInit calls the calibration-application, when


does not exist. After successfull calibration this key is created.

To override this you can put a file named 'Calibrate' or 'NoCalibrate' on a store. If it is found in \SDMMC Card, \Storage Card, \Hard Disk or \Flashdisk, this setting is used.

WLAN-Settings (Windows Embedded Compact 7 / 2013)

As of Compact7, the OS uses the Connection-Manager instead of Wireless-Zero-Config to manage wireless configurations. The XML-file used is the same, as on the big Desktop Windows.

   "WlanProfile"="-silent -cmsave -f \\flashdisk\\wlanprofile.xml"

Parameter passed to KWlantool.exe, to load a WLAN-Profile during startup.
If you use the taskbar-wlan-tool, the configuration will be stored to \Windows\wlan\CommonAppData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces\{<Interface GUID>}\{<Profile GUID>}.xml. In this sample you may store <Profile GUID>.xml to \flashdisk\wlanprofile.xml.

Time in milli-seconds to delay loading of profile.

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