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Making a Modem Connection

To make a modem connection, you need to connect a modem to the Trizeps-module. This can be done by connecting it to one of the Trizeps-COM-ports or through one of the other interfaces i.e. USB.


If the interface creates a COM-port, to which you can send AT-modem-commands, you should insure, that following keys are added to the drivers registry-key:

  "FriendlyName"="My Modem"

FriendlyNamy: Name that is shown in the Make New Connection-wizard.

Tsp: telephone-service-provider. Set to unimodem.dll. Unimodem handles access to most standard modems. You can also create a customized TSP, but normally this should not be necessary.

DeviceType: see <_WINCEROOT>\public\commonc\oak\inc\unimodem.dll for definitions. (ie. 1=external modem, 2=internal modem, 3=pcmcia modem, 0=Null-modem is only used for direct connections (ActiveSync)).

DevConfig: indicates the serial device capabilities (baud, parity, and so on).

Make New Connection

If your modem is set up and you're able to get a OK respond from an AT-query, you are ready to make a new connection using the connection-wizzard of Windows Embedded CE.

  1. Start → Settings → Network and Dial-up Connections.
  2. Press Make New Connection.
  3. Name your connection and select Dial-Up Connection.
  4. Press Next.
  5. Now choose the modem. If your modem does not appear here, check wether the keys at Preparation exist and if you selected the correct DeviceType.
  6. Select Configure.. and enter the Call Options-tab. In the Extra Settings add a call string:

    APN (Access-Point-Name) is provided by your internet or SIM-card-provider. i.e. if you would use O2 this would be

  7. Press Next.
  8. In the Phone Number-field enter *99# or *99***1# (depends on your provider).
  9. Leave the other fields untouched and press Finish.

Now you're done and could double-click the new connection. If it is a GPRS-modem and uses a SIM-card, it might be needed to enter the PIN before a connection can be made. i.e. on a HC25-modem you would open the COM-port and send


, where 1234 is your PIN-number.

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