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Using Timers on Trizeps

This application-note describes how to to use the hardware-timers of Trizeps IV(M).
It is also applicable for Trizeps V. For Trizeps5 please note Marvell Errata MP-6387,MP-6451 !
The TimerSync sample below is for use with Trizeps VI only.

For normal application development, software timers are sufficient. If more precise timers are needed or a application-program must run in exactly specified intervalls, hardware-timers may be used.


  • The ISR-DLL is not allowed to import functions. To avoid importing functions from coredll.dll in Visual Studio, set Configuration Properties→Linker→Advanced→No Entry Point Yes (/NOENTRY). Set Configuration Properties→C/C++→Code Generation→Buffer Security Check to No (/GS-).


Application Note: using_timers_on_trizeps4.pdf

Timer-Sample (Trizeps IV(M), Trizeps V; CE5; eMVC++):

TimerSync-Sample (Trizeps VI; CE6; VS2008)SDK_TR6_CE600_MAXIE_2010Q2:

TimerSample CE6 Trizeps IV(M) VS2005 SDK t4ce6r3_maxie_dshow_2009,
OS-Images with Legacy Timer Support (PLAT_HAL_IOCTL_TIMER):

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