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BSP for Trizeps-MX28

with RefBoard nCONXS


Latest Release

<columns> BSP for Windows CE Embedded 6R3:
BSP for Windows CE Embedded Compact 7:
NEWCOL bsp_ce600_trizeps-mx28_changelog.txt


  1. please unpack to %_WINCEROOT%\PLATFORM\iPAN4
  2. to use the Keith & Koep Device Catalog run KeithKoep_Device_install.bat
  3. for dual BSPs for CE700/CE600 (old releases) you have to run the SELECT_CE*.bat before you can use the BSP

Old Release

<columns> Windows Embedded Compact 7:
Windows Embedded CE6
NEWCOL </columns>

Demo Workspaces

Project Windows CE Embedded 6R3

  1. Unzip Workspace to .\WINCE600\OSDesigns-directory.
  2. After OS is built enter a uSD Card to your PCs SD-Card reader. Mount SDCARD as device S:
  3. Open Release Director in Build Window and enter formatnb0.bat (first deployment) or cpynb0.bat (if SDCARD is already partitioned)

Images created with this workspace:

  1. Enter a uSD Card to your PCs SD-Card reader. Mount SDCARD as device S:
  2. Launch formatnb0.bat (first deployment) to partition the SDCard and flash the OS image. If you have partition the SDCard before launch cpynb0.bat to flash the OS image.
  3. To Enter the bootloader menu press the space key in a Terminal window, which is connected to the debug port. As baudrate for the Terminal Connection you have to choose 115kBit/s.

Project Compact7

Unzip Workspace to .\WINCE700\OSDesigns-directory.

Images created with this workspace:

Also see Application Notes.

Drivers, Features

View Drivers for Trizeps II..VII for registry settings and additional information on the drivers.

Component Description
Audio SGTL5000 audio-driver
Touch Internal resistive touch controller
CapTouch Focaltech capacitive Touch
CAN highly improved iMX28x CAN driver
Display iMX28x Display driver
Backlight Backlight PWM driver
Drvlib Interface library for platform specific extensions Drvlib
SDIO/SD/MMC dual SDIO driver SD-Memory and SDIO support
USB-Host OHCI2 driver for iMX28x HOST controller
USB-Device USB function Driver for iMX28 USBFN
USB-OTG USB OTG driver for iMX28
Ethernet iMX28 ENET1, ENET2 and Switch Driver
Battery battery-driver
PC-AT Keyboard/Mouse Universal keyboard-driver with Interface to i2c, uart, canbus (PC-AT Keycodes)
DVFC Driver Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaler driver
Dual i2c BUS i2c Bus driver
Oemfs RAM Registry to FATFS driver
Spi SPI Bus2 driver

Keith & Koep specific Tools, Features (not included with Platform Builder)

Component Description
kukinit.exe Launcher Program, starts user programs or update processes automatically
regedit.exe Registry Editor to modify registry parameters
KuKTools.exe Save, erase persistant Registry, show unique Device-ID, soft reset
serial comtest opens terminal emulation window to comport specified by comman line
network tool ping, lookup, resolve, time service, whois, ….
CanApp.exe test candriver
USBCPL.cpl Switch USBFN Driver class
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