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Audio (UCB1400)

This describes the audio-driver for the UCB1400-codec found on the Trizeps-module.

Registry Keys

Key Type Description
MuteMode DWORD How to mute the device during no audio ouput. (see Mute Settings)
MutePortAdr DWORD Address to write to, if MUTE_PORTADR is used. (see Mute Settings)
MutePortSize DWORD Bus-width, if MUTE_PORTADR is used. (see Mute Settings)
MutePortMute DWORD Value to write for mute, if MUTE_PORTADR is used. (see Mute Settings)
MutePortUnMute DWORD Value to write for unmute, if MUTE_PORTADR is used. (see Mute Settings)
MuteGPIOPin DWORD GPIO-Pin to use, if MUTE_GPIOPIN is used. (see Mute Settings)
BassTreble DWORD Value to use for CSR1 register of UCB1400
Priority256 DWORD priority used for driver-threads
InputSource DWORD Source of audio-input: 1: MIC, 2: LINE_IN
CaptureLatency DWORD Capture-buffer-size in milliseconds. When using VOIP-applications, reducing capture-latency might be wanted.
PlayLatency DWORD Play-buffer-size in milliseconds. When using VOIP-applications, reducing play-latency might be wanted.
RecordGain DWORD See Record Gain Register (0x1C) of UCB1400-codec. Bits 0..7 are the gain setting for the right channel; bits 8..15 for the left channel.
MicVolume DWORD See MIC Volume Register (0x0E) of UCB1400-codec. Set bit 6 (0x40) to enable 20dB boost
WM9715ALC DWORD See ALC-Registers (0x60,0x62) of WM9715L-codec. The upper 16 bits are written to Reg60h, the lower to Reg62h. Default-value if not set is 0xB0323E00.
Key Type Description
Volume DWORD Volume: bits0..15 left channel; bits16..32 right channel

Mute Settings

There are many mute-modes availlable, which may be set through the MuteMode-registry key. The audio-output is unmuted and muted automatically before and after playing sound-files. Multiple mute-modes may be selected by setting the appropiate flags:

  • MUTE_HPEN (0x01)
  • MUTE_MASTER (0x02)
  • MUTE_VOLUME (0x04)
  • MUTE_DRVLIB (0x08)
  • MUTE_PORTADR (0x10)
  • MUTE_GPIOPIN (0x20)


Enable and disable headphone-driver.


Use master-mute bit in master-volume-register (0x02) of UCB1400.


Change volume for muting.


This calls a drvlib function to mute the device.
The drvlib writes to a board-control-register.


Write to register defined through MutePortAdr. MutePortAdr is a static virtual address.
MutePortSize can be 2 (16bit) or 4 (32bit) depending on the bus-width of MutePortAdr. MutePortMute is written to MutePortAdr if the device is muted. MutePortUnMute is written to MutePortAdr id the device is unmuted.


Toggles the gpio-pin given with MuteGPIOPin.
0V on gpio: device muted.
3.3V on gpio: device not muted.
If bit 0x100 is set in MuteGPIOPin, the logic is inversed.

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