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WLAN on Trizeps4-WL (BGW211)

This describes the WLAN-driver of Trizeps4-WL-module.

View also kwlantool and Trizeps IV WL EEPROM Configuration.

Registry Keys

Key Type Description
RtsThreshold DWORD RTS threshold in bytes.
FragThreshold DWORD Fragmentation threshold in bytes.
GpioIndication DWORD set to 0.
TxRetryCount DWORD Number of tries to send a packet.
Preamble DWORD 0:Long preamble; 1:Short preamble.
AllowedChannels hex WLAN-channels to use: 1..14. This is the scan-sequence.
ScanAllBss DWORD Set to 1 to scan for both: Ibss(Ad-Hoc) and Infrastructure(Access-Points).
PassiveScan DWORD Set to 1 to do passive scanning (Only listen to beacons). Set to 0 to do active scanning (send probe request).
ProbeDelay DWORD Delay in ms to be used prior to transmitting a probe frame during active scanning.
MinScanTime DWORD Minimum Time in ms to scan a channel.
MaxScanTime DWORD Maximim Time in ms to scan a channel.
Desired Rate DWORD Desired rate to be used for a connection in 0.5MB/s.
DesiredChannel DWORD This is the desired channel to use. 0: Use channel information from scan.
DesiredIBSSChannel DWORD Preferred IBSS channel number to use for AdHoc-connections.
BeaconListenInterval DWORD The Listen Interval (expressed in units of Beacon Interval) is used to indicate to the AP how often a station wakes to listen to beacon management frames. 0..16.
BeaconPeriod DWORD Beacon period of the BSS.
SupportRoaming DWORD Enable support of the bgw211-firmware to support local roaming.
Roaming DWORD Enable roaming using the bgw211-driver.
RoamingIntervalNoSignal DWORD Time before two roaming-scans, when no signal detect or connection lost.
RoamingIntervalVeryLow DWORD Time before two roaming-scans, on very-low signal-strength.
RoamingIntervalLow DWORD Time before two roaming-scans, on low signal-strength.
RoamingIntervalGood DWORD Time before two roaming-scans, on good signal-strength.
RoamingIntervalVeryGood DWORD Time before two roaming-scans, on very-good signal-strength.
RoamingIntervalExcellent DWORD Time before two roaming-scans, on excellent signal-strength.
JoinTimeout DWORD Timeout in ms to join a wlan-network.
DoScanOnConnect DWORD Set to 1 to scan for access-point, before trying to connect.
DPTAMode DWORD 0: DTPA off, 1:DTPA on. If DTPA is on, the tx-power will be lowered if sufficient link conditions are detected.
LinkAdaption DWORD Use link adaption.
ReportCipher DWORD 0x1: Report AES and TKIP, 0x2: Copy RSN-IE (WPA2), 0x4 Copy WPA-IE (WPA) from AccessPoint.
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