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SJA1000 Can Bus Support


Keith & Koep GmbH delivers boards which are equipped with a Philips (NXP) SJA1000 CAN controller. This CAN controller follows the CAN 2.0B standard. It can serve BasicCAN and extended Frames and handles bitrates up to 1MBit/s.

SJA1000 peripheral chip: sja1000_3.pdf


Keith & Koep delivers a Windows CE canbus driver, based on an early adoption of Garz & Fricke's CAN Driver for SH-3.

The driver has been heavily reworked. But there is still an old version of the documentation available in html form, which can be used to access the driver with through the gfcan32.dll.


Demos using the can-libraries accessing the driver

The newer singlecan.dll and dualcan.dll libraries can be used to access a single instance or multiple instances of canbus drivers. Most of the code will be compatible to the gfcan32.dll.

Here is some democode to access a single instance:


Using multiple can controllers please bind to dualcan.dll, the API has an additional argument selecting the canbus controller instance.

Here is a democode using up to 4 can controllers:


Special bit-timings

Standard timings are calculated with the CanSetBaudrate(); API, but if special timings are requested, the user can add the special timing to the registry with X=Bitrate/kB Baud(X)=hex:(brp),(btr1)
E.g. to specify a special timing for 50KBaud



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