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Touch (UCB1400)

This describes the touch-driver for the UCB1400-codec found on the Trizeps-module.

Registry Keys

Key Type Description
MaxSigma DWORD Maximum deviation. Higher deviation will invalidate the read touch-samples. If using noisy displays, it might help to increase this value.
InitSamples DWORD How many samples to ignore after touch-press.
PressureL DWORD Low pressure (0..65536), Default=12. Value at which touch-pen up is detected. (UCB1400-Codec)
PressureH DWORD High pressure (0..65536), Default=31. Value at which touch-pen down is detected. (UCB1400-Codec)
WolfsonPressureH DWORD Pressure at which a touch-pen down is detected. Default: 260. Higher-values = More sensitive.
ArraySize DWORD Number of samples to take to determine average value.
SyncWithHsync DWORD Set to 0. Option to synchronize measurement with HSync of display.
VRefBypass DWORD Set to 0. Use to enable external reference-voltage.
InhibitIdle DWORD Inhibit idle, if touch is pressed. If the touch is sensitive against change of current consumption, setting this might help
SampleDelay DWORD Number of micro-seconds to wait after each sample
OldScale DWORD Set to 0. Used to scale touch-values, like it was done on the older version of this driver.
SampleTimer DWORD Sample-Frequency (Trizeps2+3 only): Expressed in number of system-ticks (3686400 Hz). Trizeps4+5: in us
DisableFilter DWORD Disable ADC filter if set to 1
 Sets AC97-Register 0x78.  
 Set to (0x6900 | div).
 Codec uses a 68k Pull up 
 and a 1,8V threshold value.
 div = 68k / (((3,3V/1,8V)*Rtouch)-Rtouch)
 Touch (pen-down) resistance -> div value
 For 2,5kOhm -> div = 32.64 
 ( Use Maximum value of 31 !).
 For 5kOhm -> div = 16
 For 10kOhm -> div = 8
(only Wolfson Codec) 

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