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The drvlib_app.dll contains two set of functions to control the pins of the SODIMM-module.
Functions which use the processor GPIO-number (GPIO_xxx) and functions which use the SODIMMM-pin-number (SPin_xxx).


The SPin_xxx-functions currently are not implemented on mature Trizeps-modules ( Trizeps I..VI).


The drvlib_app.dll contains function to control GPIO's.
GPIO = General Purpose Input Output.

Many pins of the Trizeps-module are GPIO's with multiple functionality; i.e. they may be configured as UART or LCD-interface pins etc.. The most simple function is to use these pins as input or output. If you want to know how to use a pin as interrupt-source see usinginterruptstrizeps4.

Usage of pins is made easy with the Keith & Koep drvlib_app.dll:

#include "windows.h"
#define  CPLUSPLUS 1
#include "drvlib_app.h"

int WINAPI WinMain( HINSTANCE hInstance,
                    HINSTANCE hPrevInstance,
                    LPTSTR    lpCmdLine,
                    int       nCmdShow)
   PGIO_REGS ptr;
   unsigned long arg_l = 0;
   BOOL state;

   ptr = GPIO_AllocSpace();
   state = GPIO_Get_Pin( ptr, (unsigned char)arg_l);
   GPIO_Init_Pin(ptr, (unsigned char)arg_l, TRUE, !state);
   GPIO_Set_Pin( ptr, (unsigned char) arg_l, state);
   return 0;

This is what the sample does

  1. Obtain gpio to use from commandline.
  2. GPIO_AllocSpace() is called to map GPIO-registers.
  3. GPIO_Get_Pin(..) gets the current pin-state (i.e. low (0V)).
  4. GPIO_Init_Pin(..) configured the pin to be an output and toggles the pin-state (i.e. high(3.3V)).
  5. Wait 3 seconds.
  6. GPIO_Set_Pin(..) sets the pin-state to its original value (i.e. low(0V)).
  7. GPIO_FreeSpace() will release ressources allocated with GPIO_AllocSpace().


Embedded Visual C++ Workspace for above example:

Application to set/get GPIO-level:

   gpio <gpio-number>                      Read GPIO-pin.
   gpio <gpio-number> <level>              Set GPIO-pin. You might need to configure a pin as 
                                           output with the below line first.
   gpio <gpio-number> <IsOutput> <level>   Configure pin as input or output. 

Special GPIOs on Trizeps VI

To ease the use of the CPLD'pins of the Trizeps VI ( see Trizeps6 CPLD), they are assigned to a GPIO-number. This can be used in all GPIO_xxx() functions.

SODIMM-Pin Description GPIO-number
104 CF_IOIS16 124
98 CF_REG 125
100 CPLD_C02 126
69 CPLD_C00 127
106 CPLD_CS4 128
93 RDnWR 130
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