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In Windows Embedded CE6 VirtualCopy is only callable from kernel-space. The function OEM_VirtualCopy is a workaround to use VirtualCopy from user-space.
This function dynamically maps a virtual address to a physical address by creating a new page-table entry.
See Platform-Builder-Help for details.

BOOL OEM_VirtualCopy(        
  LPVOID lpvDest,
  LPVOID lpvSrc,
  DWORD cbSize,
  DWORD fdwProtect


Pointer to the destination memory that must be reserved.

Pointer to committed memory.

Size, in bytes, of the region. The allocated pages include all pages containing 1 or more bytes in the range from lpAddress to lpAddress plus cbSize. This means that a 2-byte range straddling a page boundary causes both pages to be included in the allocated region.

Type of access protection

Return Values

TRUE indicates success FALSE indicates failure.


OS Versions: Windows Embedded CE 6.
Header: drvlib_app.h
Link Library: drvlib_app.lib
added: 14.03.2008

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