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The function Set_SoftReset performs a software reset.

void Set_SoftReset(     
  int clean
void SoftReset(     
  int clean


clean set to 1 to perform a clean reset. set to 0 for non-clean reset.


This function allows software to reset the entire system. The only thing to choose is, wether to perform a clean or a 'dirty' reset. A clean reset would clear the RAM-file-system and every change you made to your registry, if you have not saved it to flash. A dirty reset will allow you to use files saved in your RAM-file-system or to keep registry-settings without storing them to flash.

On TrizepsVII only clean softreset.


OS Versions: Windows CE 4.2 and later.
Header: drvlib_app.h
Link Library: drvlib_app.lib

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